【 Hiyaoroshi 】 Awakened for autumn, beautifully fresh and gracefully aged

A yamahai sake pressed in March, kept fresh in sub-zero storage til summer's end, then awakened in autumn. Fresh young fruit aromas soar above the acidity, sweetness, and savory finish of a well-matured junmai ginjo.

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Shichuan "mabo" eggplant, marinated Japanese mushrooms and other autumn dishes, roast pork with sweet onion and hot mustard sauce

Name: Hiyaoroshi
Type: Junmai Ginjo
Availability: Release: September
Ingredients: Rice, Water, Koji, Yeast
Rice: Koji: Hitogokochi (Nagano Pref.)
Plain: Miyama Nishiki(Nagano Pref.)
Polishing rate: Koji rice 50%; plain rice 55%
Yeast: Alps
Alcohol: 15%
SMV: +1
Acidity: 1.6
Amino acidity: 1.6
Serving temperature: Best chilled; Good at room temperature or warm
Storage: Refrigerate

1.5L / 720ml 

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Label translation

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