Ivy leaf reflected in a cup of sake


The Tsuta (Boston Ivy) leaf is featured on the Miyasaka family crest. The tenacious ivy vine overcoming all obstacles to climb and flourish is an ancient symbol of prosperity. The circular cup motif represents the round and harmonius nature of Masumi sake, but the overall design is left ambiguous to inspire other interpretations...moon & clouds...lake & mountains...mirror of truth. The logo also reflects our mission to connect people around the world to sake culture, to connect sake to nature through the Number Seven Yeast born of our local enviornment, and to connect the traditions of the past to a new future for sake.


"Masumi" calligraphy by Nakamura Fusetsu

Painter and calligrapher Nakamura Fusetsu (1866-1943) spent his early childhood in Nagano Prefecture, and went on to become a renowned western-style painter, a designer of such book covers as Natsume Soseki's "I am a Cat", and a calligrapher. His unique and strong rendering of our own "Masumi" brand characters inspires us to create sake worthy of his art.