Until My Dreams Blossom…

Most of 2016 was dyed in the colors of the Great Pillars Festival, which happens in Suwa every seven years. This festival exerts such a strong influence that we tend to organize our own life events and future plans into seven-year periods. One night when pleasantly drunk on our Arabashiri sake, my thoughts wandered to dreams for the seven years until the next festival. Securing a steady supply of high quality rice, reforming our breweries, sharpening our brewing techniques, improving the skill of our workers, developing new overseas markets…a few pleasant dreams quickly grew into a list of daunting challenges that swamped my head and dashed my spirit.

What came to my rescue was remembering the Confucian motto of my high school: “Believe in what is right, and you will find a path through a thousand enemies.” It made me reflect on what really lies ahead: our loyal customers who appreciate the hard work that goes into good sake, the long lines of young, and increasingly female, sake lovers at tasting events, and the ever-growing circle of sake fans across the world. These are not my enemies, but my friends who will gladly walk the path with me. And 2022, the year of the next Great Pillars Festival, is already right in front of my nose, so together with family, co-workers, and friends, I will find the way forward to my dreams.

President Naotaka Miyasaka

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Crafted by skilled hands at Masumi’s two breweries in the Suwa region of Nagano Prefecture.
Local rice and pure mountain water combined with the best brewing traditions and techniques.

Brewed in Suwa by the Miyasaka family since 1662.
Local. Traditional. Innovative.

Delivering great sake in top condition.
Spreading the spirit of Japanese sake across the world.

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