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Spring Snow

Brewed in the depths of winter and bottled fresh, this sake retains a light cloudiness reminiscent of a snow shower in the spring. Aroma suggesting melons and pears leads into sweet and tangy flavors nicely pillowed by its cloudiness.

Name: Usunigori
Type:   Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu
Availability:   February to May
Ingredients:   Rice, Water, Koji, Yeast
Rice:   Koji: Hitogokochi (Nagano Pref.)
Plain: Miyama Nishiki (Nagano Pref.)
Milling rate:   55%
Yeast:   Alps
Alcohol:   17% range
SMV:   -1
Acidity:   1.7
Amino acidity:   1.3
Serving temperature:   Chilled (10C range)
Storage:   Refrigerate

Flavor & fragrance profile

Master brewer's comments

This year's rice kept its integrity during fermentation, so Usunigori is lighter, drier, and has more fruity and flowery aromas.

Food pairing suggestions

hearty western dishes like hamburger and meat stews, fish and meat grills, spicy dishes