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Okuden Kanzukuri

Okuden KanzukuriOkuden Kanzukuri

A comfortable Junmai with perfect balance

Masumi’s ideal Junmai. Mellow and mild-mannered in all aspects, with subtle, organic flavors and a hint of rice’s sweetness.

Name: Okuden Kanzukuri
Type:   Junmai
Availability:   Year-round
Ingredients:   Rice, Water, Koji, Yeast
Rice:   Koji: Hitogokochi (Nagano Pref.)
Fermentation: Miyama Nishiki (Nagano Pref.)
Milling rate:   60%
Yeast:   No. 7
Alcohol:   15% range
SMV:   +1
Acidity:   1.6
Amino acidity:   1.2
Serving temperature:   Best warm (45C range); Good chilled (10C range)
Storage:   Cool, dark

Flavor & fragrance profile

Master brewer's comments

We aimed to keep a hint of the original rice flavors, and the soft water used in the Suwa kura was perfect for this.

Food pairing suggestions

Japanese comfort food like grilled fish, yakitori, teriyaki, sukiyaki, nabe hotpots.