【 Plum Liqueur 】 Plums, sugar, & Masumi shochu: simply delightful!

Bursting with plum fragrance yet offering a refreshingly light and tangy taste.

{ Master brewer's comments }

We take plums, sugar, and our shochu and steep it all for about two years. Simple ingredients result in this incredibly fragrant yet light and easy to drink liqueur.

{ Food pairing suggestions }

Great as an aperitif, or after a meal. Wonderful with dark chocolate desserts.

Name: Plum Liqueur
Type: Shochu-base fruit liqueur
Availability: Year-round
Ingredients: Masumi shochu, sugar, Japanese plums (Gunma Pref.)
Polishing rate:
Alcohol: 14%
Amino acidity:
Serving temperature: Straight, on-the rocks, frozen
Storage: Cool, dark

720ml / 300ml 

Label translation

Label translation