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Yuzu Liquor

Yuzu LiquorYuzu Liquor

Yuzu citrus juice, sugar, & Masumi shochu: simply delicious!

Yuzu, the magic ingredient livening up many Japanese dishes, gets star-billing in this simple, delightfully fragrant liquor.

Name: Yuzu Liquor
Type:   Shochu-base fruit liquor
Availability:   Year-round
Ingredients:   Masumi shochu, sugar, yuzu juice
Alcohol:   14%
Serving temperature:   Straight, on-the rocks, frozen
Storage:   Cool, dark

Master brewer's comments

We use fresh Yuzu citrus fruits directly from the growers, and steep them in sugar and our own shochu.

Food pairing suggestions

Enjoy as an aperitif, after a meal, or on its own.
Fabulous with dark chocolate.