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Sumi 20 Shochu

Sumi 20 ShochuSumi 20 Shochu

A rare shochu distilled from Masumi sake lees

Distilled from our best sake kasu, or lees, Sumi is a rare type of shochu that captures the spirit of Masumi. Shochu fans love its clean, soft character.

Name: Sumi 20 Shochu
Type:   Otsurui Kasutori Shochu
Availability:   Year-round
Ingredients:   Sake lees
Alcohol:   20%
Serving temperature:   Straight, on-the-rocks, mixed with warm water
Storage:   Cool, dark

Master brewer's comments

Since Sumi is not sake, I don't have it everyday, but when I do, I'm always reminded how fine a shochu this is.

Food pairing suggestions

Salt-grilled fish.