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Label translation

Karakuchi Kiippon

Karakuchi KiipponKarakuchi Kiippon

One of the central pillars of the Masumi brand. A light, fragrant Junmai Ginjo.

Subtle astringency and a fragrance reminiscent of young Fuji apples. A superbly balanced dry sake.

Name: Karakuchi Kiippon
Type:   Junmai Ginjo
Availability:   Year-round
Ingredients:   Rice, Water, Koji, Yeast
Rice:   Koji: Miyama Nishiki (Nagano Pref.), Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo Pref.)
Plain: Miyama Nishiki (Nagano Pref.), Kinmon Nishiki (Nagano Pref.)
Milling rate:   55%
Yeast:   No. 9, No. 18
Alcohol:   15% range
SMV:   +4
Acidity:   1.4
Amino acidity:   1.2
Serving temperature:   Best chilled (10C range); Good warm (45C range)
Storage:   Cool, dark

Flavor & fragrance profile

Master brewer's comments

This is called "karakuchi", which means "dry", but there is also a pleasant sweetness to this sake. It is subtly fragrant, thanks to yeast number 9, and comes off as a light, dry, easy drinking sake. I think we've struck the right balance with this one.

Food pairing suggestions

Dark meat fish, vegetables--especially astringent elements like asparagus, artichoke, & rucola.