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Label translation

Junmai Ginjo Arabashiri

Junmai Ginjo ArabashiriJunmai Ginjo Arabashiri

An early spring release; brilliantly fragrant and refreshing

Brewed in the depths of winter and bottled fresh off the press. Aroma suggesting melons and pears; elegant flavor with a fine acidity.

Name: Junmai Ginjo Arabashiri
Type:   Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu
Availability:   February
Ingredients:   Rice, Water, Koji, Yeast
Rice:   Koji: Hitogokochi (Nagano Pref.)
Plain: Miyama Nishiki (Nagano Pref.)
Milling rate:   55%
Yeast:   Alps
Alcohol:   17% range
SMV:   -1.5
Acidity:   2.0
Amino acidity:   1.4
Serving temperature:   Chilled (10C range)
Storage:   Refrigerate

Flavor & fragrance profile

Master brewer's comments

This year Arabashiri came in with higher acidity, giving it good balance and a fuller flavor across the range from sweet to tangy. Its abundant fruit-like aroma is also very appealing.

Food pairing suggestions

Fresh fragrance pairs well with herb salads; flavor bold enough to go with saucy dishes like stews, grilled meats & fish.