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Masumi brewing season started!



This year's brewing season has finally started. The first rice was washed at our Suwa brewery on October 4, and then at our Fujimi brewery on October 5. 

This rice has just arrived from our Fujimi polishing plant to our Suwa brewery. It is Hitogokochi rice, 55% remaining, to be used for the koji in our winter seasonal sake "Arabashiri."


Even though brewing has started, the brewers are still setting up and checking equipment to be used in the coming weeks.

←Setting the valves on the mid-stage mash tanks.


Replacing the gauze coverings on thermometers.


Preparing the rice steamer.


In the koji room, the brewers are turning the first batches of koji rice. Along with aromas of steamed rice and cedar, there is the scent of excitement in the air.

The seasonal brewing staff will come in from their farms and join the brewers from October 15. We are looking forward to a busy and brilliant brewing season!